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Back in November 1994, Kandy Mallory began her tenure at Design Constructors, Inc. (DCi). This marked the start of a professional journey that has spanned nearly three decades, characterized by diverse projects and countless memories.


Throughout her time at DCi, Kandy has overseen numerous projects including the Wirtgen Campus Development, several projects for American Paper & Twine and Ritchie Bros, and the design of several business parks and churches. While she refrains from picking a favorite project, she emphasizes the importance of the client relationship in shaping the project’s experience — it’s not about the bricks, mortar, or even the blueprints — It’s about the people behind them. Every client, with their unique visions and dreams, has made each project memorable.


One project that stands out in terms of complexity is the Wolfe Industrial Expansion and Renovation. What started as a modest addition morphed into a comprehensive redesign including a large new office space and shop addition, a new entryway feature, and a reskin of the entire existing facility that reshaped and revitalized the building’s character.


The design industry, especially at DCi, has seen significant technological shifts over the years. Kandy recalls a time when designs were hand-drawn and every line was meticulously crafted, a stark contrast to today’s digital tools. However, as technology made its way into the industry, Kandy embraced it and adapted with the evolving times.


Amidst the projects and the technological shifts, what truly stands out in Kandy’s journey are the stories marked by friendships with her colleagues. She has a collection of anecdotes from her time, and while she might not divulge all her tales, it’s evident that her love for her co-workers has been a constant.


In terms of her role, Kandy notes its consistency over the years. And, to those who are just starting their journey, her advice is simple yet profound: “Get to know your co-workers; they are your family.”

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