T.W. Frierson is 100% Employee Owned and Operated

Whether you are working with a project manager, superintendent, or executive, you are interacting with a company owner. T.W. Frierson is a team of employee-owners that embodies skilled supervision, efficient construction methods, and accountable project management. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right and doing so in a way that benefits everyone involved. Driven by a deep commitment to our core values, we strive to foster authentic relationships and deliver forward-thinking solutions that change our world.

Our Culture

Our employee ownership structure drives and nurtures a unique culture through encouragement, empowerment, and investment in our employee-owners. Having an owner mindset gives our team a special interest in the work we do for our clients. We are rooted in the belief that when our people, clients and communities succeed, we succeed. Giving back to our communities and helping people thrive is a big part of what makes the T.W. Frierson culture so special.

40 in 40

T.W. Frierson embraces a family culture of sharing and equality. In fact, we’re as passionate about fostering a thriving work environment for our employees as we are at building things. In an effort to literally put our money where our mouth is, T.W. Frierson has set a big hairy audacious goal of creating at least 40 ESOP millionaires by 2040. We’re not just focused on the business, we are also focused on our family of owners and ensuring they succeed.