Ted Frierson established T.W. Frierson Contractor, Inc. in 1958.

Since 1958, T.W. Frierson has partnered with hundreds of companies and thousands of people to build state of the art manufacturing facilities, corporate headquarters, distribution and logistics centers, churches, as well as renovations, build outs, and disaster recovery projects.

We strive to be more than just a construction company. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking, we are creating a foundation for people to thrive. We build mutually beneficial partnerships that uplift our community and are committed to delivering award-winning projects that exceed expectations.

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Our Core Values

As an employee owned company, our core values are defined by our people. We named the values we see our incredible team exhibit every day.

Our Core Values

Core Value 1

People are at the heart of T.W. Frierson. We work hard because we’re accountable to one another. We don’t just build buildings, we build careers and create meaningful relationships–we treat others like family.

Core Value 2

“That’s not my job” isn’t in our vocabulary. We’re in this together. Each team member, regardless of rank or tenure, does what it takes to get the job done right. No matter who you are, if the pit needs digging, you dig the pit.

Core Value 3

Everything we do is treated with priority and importance. While some people prefer to “roll out the red carpet” for a select few, we like to clear the sidewalk for everyone.

Core Value 4

We strive to do the job right on the first try. And when a mistake happens, even if it could go unnoticed, we owe it to our team to tear out the concrete and fix it.

Core Value 5

We always go the extra mile to show our appreciation and gratitude. Small gestures, like delivering 4 a.m. doughnuts for an early morning concrete pour add up.

We Build with Purpose

Our “Build with Purpose” promise is a commitment to our people, our clients, and our community. It is a vow to build our people, our teams, and our projects with the highest level of care and intention. Build with Purpose is an experience. It is our philosophy. It is our promise and our legacy.

Our philosophy.
Our promise.
Our legacy.