To us, safety is about making sure everyone goes home to their family in the same way they came to work.

Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s engrained in our culture.  T.W. Frierson manages our safety program right down to the color of the hardhat on each person’s head. We work tirelessly to protect our people and projects by striving for zero employee injuries while operating and delivering our work sustainably and responsibly.

T.W. Frierson is committed to the elimination of personal injuries, occupational illnesses, and damage to equipment and property in all of our operations. Through the guidance and expertise of our EHS professionals, unsafe work conditions are eliminated.

Our job sites provide the safest possible work environment for our employees, our subcontractors, and our clients. T.W. Frierson’s superintendents, foremen, and field employees are trained to recognize hazards and are given the responsibility and authority to mitigate unsafe work conditions if necessary.

Worker’s Compensation Experience Modifier = 0.83

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