TWF Launches New Construction Safety Advancement Program (CSAP)


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Since the early 2000’s T.W. Frierson has had what we call the “Red Hard Hat Program,” where new hire employees were provided red hard hats during their first 90 days of employment as a trial period with an emphasis on safety. Our people move between jobs regularly, so we think it is important that everyone is easily able to identify new people — even though many of our new hires have construction experience, statistics show that the employees most likely to be involved in a lost time incident are those with less than 90 days on the job.


This year, our safety committee took on the task of revamping this program by identifying training requirements that should be included in each employees first 90 days and safety performance items that should be tracked and recorded.


T.W. Frierson Construction Safety Advancement Program (CSAP)
As new T.W. Frierson employee-owners join our team, we are concerned about their safety as well as them being new to our company, our methods and the job site. Regardless of how long they have worked in construction, all field and office employees must wear a yellow hard hat until completion of our Construction Safety Advancement Program (CSAP) to remind their supervisors and co-workers that they are new to the company. This allows tenured employees to identify newer employees from a distance and provide mentorship as needed.


During the first 90-day (plus) period of employment, new employees will:

– Complete MEWP (Aerial and Scissor) and Fall Protection training/certifications

–  Perform (1) Audit – Weekly for the first month of employment; Job Safety Analysis (JSA) with supervision from the Site Superintendent; and (3) Toolbox Talks or Equivalent

– OSHA 10 completed within the first three months of employment

– No injuries or incidents; no violations of safety protocol – if so, 90-day period starts over

– EHS Manager periodically checks in with new hire

– Field Mentor (Superintendent/ Asst. Superintendent) – Help evaluate new hire & provide mentorship & training as needed


Upon completion of the program, employees will receive:

– (5) High-viz shirts

– (1) White hard hat

– CSAP hard hat sticker

– CSAP certificate

– OSHA 10 certification

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