Skyline temporarily changes as 92-foot steeple goes in for year-long repair


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When driving into the city of Brentwood, it’s hard to miss the beautiful steeple atop Brentwood United Methodist Church.

Originally installed in 1976, the steeple is in dire need of renovation. That’s why it was removed from its perch for that work to begin.

“The steeple atop our church has come to be known in Brentwood skies and loved for the beautiful music that sounds out from the carillon throughout the day,” said Julia Todd, director of operations at the church. “Many in the community enjoy hearing the music while they enjoy lunch on our campus.

“While we will temporarily miss the sights and sounds the steeple has provided us for over 40 years, we look forward to reinforcing our facilities to better serve the community for the next 40 years and beyond.”

Renovation of the BUMC steeple could take more than a year. While the steeple will have new exterior cladding, it won’t look different after the renovation. The beautiful white cross at its peak will remain intact.

In historian and church member T. Vance Little’s book, “A History of Brentwood United Methodist Church,” he shared that the steeple was not originally going to be included in the new build because the cost was beyond the funds raised for the building. However, the Walter Nipper family generously gifted the funds to make sure the steeple was included.

There were a few failed attempts at installing the giant steeple before it was successfully placed in its permanent home in 1976.

Campbellsville Industries Inc., based out of Kentucky, will handle the renovations. T.W. Frierson is the general contractor helping to coordinate the project, the same contractor that helped build several sections of the church, along with the Turner Discipleship Center, Haney Hall and the sanctuary.

The worksite around the steeple will be closed for public safety during the renovations. Church leaders want the community to be assured that the steeple will be back, however, they will need to be patient. The process could take more than a year.

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