SDS, a right to know


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T.W. Frierson embraces safety and health as a core value and is committed to the elimination of personal injuries, occupational illnesses, and damage to equipment and property in all our operations. The construction industry is inherently dangerous, but through the guidance and expertise of our EHS Professionals, unsafe work conditions are eliminated.

As part of a recent safety initiative, we rolled out QR code hard hat stickers that have been distributed to every T.W. Frierson employee-owner. We believe that all employees on our job sites have the right to know what chemical products they are working with and should have access to our Safety Data Sheets (SDS). With the rollout of the new TWF QR code hard hat stickers, it is simple and convenient for all employees to access our SDS with their smart devices.

The QR code links directly to our personalized Sphera account page. Sphera is the leading provider of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services with a focus on Environment, health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) operational risk management and product stewardship.

Many companies struggle to connect data throughout their organizations, and to communicate that risk efficiently and effectively. We’ve found that it’s hard to complete such an enormous task, which is why we opted to utilize SpheraCloud.

Our Corporate EHS Manager, Nathan Heppler, led the charge to push for this cloud-based software as an alternative to the many hard copies of Safety Data Sheets that were stored in binders in our job site trailers. He spent months meticulously reviewing and adding all SDS to our SpheraCloud account. The platform has empowered our company to gain a comprehensive view of performance and risk in real time, breaking down information silos so everyone can have the same holistic view. We can access our SDS from anywhere on site and no longer have to spend time searching through binders in the job site trailer to find what we need.

“By using a cloud-based software for SDS Management and employee accessibility via QR code sticker we are giving our workforce their “right to know” through innovation.”  – Nathan Heppler, Corporate EHS Manager

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