Puritan Re-Roof & Exterior Upgrades


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Cianbro Corporation reached out to T.W. Frierson in February 2021 to discuss the development of the Puritan Medical Products project in Orlinda, Tennessee. They were looking for a local Tennessee partner to assist with architecture at the onset of the project and before long they learned T.W. Frierson had expanded the existing building back in 2008 and knew the site very well. Within a matter of weeks the relationship expanded to include Design Constructors, Inc. for the building design and Design Systems Builders, LLC to replace the roof, install new Kingspan metal panels (IMP’s) for the warehouse and office areas, new Butler® panels over the production building siding, and T.W. Frierson assisting with constructing the main entry vestibule to the facility.

Design Systems Builders began the complex re-roof and wall panel replacement project in May 2021 as a subcontractor to Cianbro Corporation. Our team installed approximately 35,000 square feet of Kingspan insulated metal wall panels, 41,800 square feet of Butler® metal wall panels and re-roofed 195,900 square feet with Butler’s® MR-24 standing seam roof system.

“We have been very pleased with TWF / DSB’s willingness to meet our expectation for excellence in safety and quality of work. More than anything, we appreciate the partnership formed between our companies throughout a lightning fast COVID-19 project for Puritan and the Department of Defense.”
Peter M. Malikowski, Project Manager

The 2008 Butler addition that T.W. Frierson built was a taller building than the original existing facility. For visual appeal, the owner requested the taller, Butler® portion of the building, to match the rest of the building where we installed Kingspan panels. This required us to custom order Butler® panels, roof trims, gutters, downspouts, etc., and have them manufactured to color match the Kingspan panels.

Due to a tight schedule, we had to install the new panels over the existing wall panels rather than taking the existing panels down and replacing them. This allowed us to keep the area dried in and the space conditioned so the owner could move in and get their operations up and running sooner.

Additionally, the existing structure that we re-roofed required us to perform a tear-off and add new roof purlins between the existing purlins to meet structural support requirements.

Throughout this project, nearly every DSB field employee has been on site at some point in time to help.

During the month of June, our crews were averaging the removal AND installation of 8,000 square feet of roof per day – all while working in triple digit temperatures! Did you know if can reach up to 130 degrees on the roof?!!

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Culture of Safety
Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s ingrained in our culture. At T.W. Frierson, we manage our safety program down to the color of the hardhat on each person’s head. We work tirelessly to protect our people and projects by striving for zero employee injuries while operating and delivering our work sustainably and responsibly. On this project, our crews have worked nearly 16,000 man hours to date and we’ve experienced no lost time incidents. Considering the high hazards and amount of work on this project, we consider this a SAFETY VICTORY.

Along with Cianbro’s safety professionals, we employed our own full time, on-site safety representative for the roofing portion of the job.

Some of this job’s safety requirements included:
– All job site employees participate in stretch and flex each morning and after lunch.
– All employees working on site had to complete safety orientation prior to beginning work.
– Jobsite required high visibility attire, hard hats, gloves, and glasses at all times. Hearing protection, and face shields required when operating any power tools.
– Spotters on the ground for any work requiring moving equipment
– COVID protocols strictly enforced.
– Any violations of rules resulted in automatic suspension from jobsite.
– Spot-r clips were utilized by Cianbro to track employees and make it easy to report any emergencies/injuries on site.

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