2023 Annual Employee Celebration Recap


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The Annual Employee Celebration is widely regarded as a family reunion at T.W. Frierson. It is one of the few times each year that every employee-owner gathers to eat a meal, enjoy fellowship with one another, receive company updates, and recognize our employee service awards and 100% ESOP vested employee owners. In addition, employee owners graciously arrive with their donations and canned goods items to benefit the Nashville Rescue Mission.

In addition to celebrating employee milestones, this year we celebrated the careers of both Tommy Manley and Dean Taylor. Tommy served as a field leader at T.W. Frierson for 47 years, ending his career as a Senior Superintendent. He oversaw many of T.W. Frierson’s monumental projects and is a dedicated mentor and leader. Additionally, Dean Taylor celebrated nearing his own December 31st retirement. He shared his favorite memories of being a second generation owner of T.W. Frierson and his gratitude and certainty in the decision to turn T.W. Frierson into an ESOP.

In addition to hearing from Tommy and Dean, employee owners were introduced to our 2024 ESOP theme, “Let it Ride.” This year’s ESOP theme is about pushing boundaries, exploring new techniques, and being open to unexpected possibilities. It’s about continuous growth and encouraging each other to step out of your comfort zones, seize opportunities, and ride the waves of success. By embracing the Let It Ride mindset, we can create something extraordinary together!

Following the reveal of our ESOP theme, employee owners heard updates from leaders of each of our LLC’s and their thoughts on the current industry climate. Finally, we reviewed our progress on our company wide goals. offering our owners a lens into our critical data and allowing them to take ownership over their daily work.

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